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Tenant Referencing

It's never been more important to properly screen tenants to protect your investment and minimise the possibility of income loss. Our Open Banking options make income verification quicker, easier and more reliable.

ID Verification

We partner with Yoti, the first UK government certified provider of digital ID verification for right to rent checks

Contract Generation

Automatically create AST contracts based on our standard approved contract or, unlike many of our competitors, your own bespoke contract template. At the click of a button these can then be sent out, along with other relevant documents, to tenants and landlords for rapid digital signing.

Utility Switching

As a Vorensys customer you can earn addtional income by offering free utiltiy switching services to your tenants

White Label

We specialise in providing white label tenant referencing to insurers, software vendors and property management businesses. Our fully branded white label portals can be set up in a matter of hours. We also offer a REST API allowing deeper integrations if needed


Via our partner, The Alan Boswell Group, we offer access to some of the most cost effective rent guarantee, legal expense, tenant and letting agent cover on the market. To purchase a policy, or find out more about Alan Boswell products, please click the logo below:

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About us

We offer a range of tenant referencing solutions to meet the exacting needs of your business. Ranging from personal and company credits checks through to comprehensive tenant references, bespoke solutions and own brand 'white label' solutions.
Since the 1st of February 2016 landlords in England are obliged to complete right to checks on all their tenants to ensure they have the legal right to remain in the UK. We make this easy by guiding you through the process, tracking status and providing a document storage solution to ensure you, and your customers, remain on the right side of the law.
With the advent of right to rent legislation in England, it's now become even more important for landlords and agents to keep copies of proof of address and identity documentation. We offer all customers a comprehensive document management solution to ensure they meet their legal obligations.
For software vendors and property management businesses we offer access to our portal via simple, intuitive REST and SOAP APIs. These programmatic interfaces allow partners to fully embed our capabilities into their own products. We offer very generous commission payments on all references processed.
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Vorensys offer class leading tenant screening services directly to letting agents and landlords and white label services to insurers, software vendors and property management portals.

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